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May 16, 2012:
Legislative district comparison tool launched.

August 6, 2011:
Update of data and statistics/

April 28th, 2009:
Launch of the ACJIC Alabama Policymaker's Dashboard


The Policymaker’s Dashboard leverages the power of mapping within Virtual Alabama to provide specific demographic and criminal justice information related to the districts of Alabama’s elected officials. This website provides easy to understand data about the population within a district and, currently, the violent crime that has occurred there for the past several years. Our goal is to continually update this site with new types of relevant and interesting Alabama data to ultimately assist our elected officials with making better informed decisions, as well as giving insight into our communities for our citizens.

Just Added
The State Reapportionment Office is currently working on new plans for the redistricting of the State Legislature. This site has added the ability to view the current legislative districts and compare them with potential plans currently under consideration by the legislature.

Crime in Alabama Legislative Redistricting
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