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May 16, 2012:
Legislative district comparison tool launched.

August 6, 2011:
Update of data and statistics/

April 28th, 2009:
Launch of the ACJIC Alabama Policymaker's Dashboard

About Virtual Alabama

Virtual Alabama (VA) was established in 2005 through Alabama Homeland Security to provide a common operating picture for visualization of imagery and other mappable data within the state. By every measure, this program has been an overwhelming success and greatly exceeded the original expectations.

Today, there are more than 32,000 VA accounts. Every county and most state agencies have contributed some level of content. State and local GIS practitioners across Alabama have come to depend upon VA for their operations.

Virtual Alabama today expands beyond its original roots in Google Earth. While Google Earth still plays a vital part of the operations, VA has expanded to a full-featured web portal and behind-the-scenes technology infrastructure that does much more than just visualize data. Many tools have been added to increase the value of the data (e.g., the search of parcel ownership and sex offender locations). The portal features user forums, customizable layering and community news. Efforts have begun to expand VA to smart phones and tablets. Further, VA will soon provide a (the) statewide GIS inventory tool of critical infrastructure and government data. Any Alabama government entity can contribute data, define its use and make it available as they desire through this common interface to any other government entity. Yet another nation-leading advance in technology.

Virtual Alabama is much more than a piece of technology, or even a system. Virtual Alabama is a mindset that drives a new way of doing government at the enterprise level. It has truly become a strategic and effective operation across all Alabama government.

Virtual Alabama

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